A few examples of how well-known brands influence millennials purchasing decisions. ...  Continue reading
What kind of music is used in the target industry to influence our purchasing decisions: People buying expensive cars are used to comfort. They contemplate a purchase and realize its emotional benefits. For example, Lexus showrooms play lounge and...  Continue reading
The researchers found that customers who placed an order from a phone rather than from a computer are more likely to fail credit obligations. The use of old mail services like Hotmail and Yahoo is also one of the signs of a possible unreliable...  Continue reading
The trend is that the number of fans of mobile shopping is growing every year. If growth rates continue, then in 2028 70-80% of online purchases will be made using mobile devices. But that is not all. It may become the norm that a person purchases a...  Continue reading
SEC and Marketing Leadership Council companies interviewed more than 5000 people. They were employees of companies ranging from business owners and top managers to end users, people influencing procurement, employees of supply departments and even...  Continue reading