Joomla! is an advanced CMS system that works well in both medium-sized corporate websites and in more extensive applications. When combined with a connection management tool such as the Smart call-back widget, it allows users who visit your site to...  Continue reading
It’s hard. Hey, it would still be hard if the choice were between just two options. But when you have several different solutions that don’t seem all that different from each other, at some point you just zone out and start jabbing a finger at wha...  Continue reading
My degree is in English as a second language, and I love what I do. There’s nothing better than seeing your student introduced to a foreign language and gradually start speaking it. And when you see progress from students who started with a...  Continue reading
I’m in charge of a big hotel. We have 150 rooms, several of which fit into our luxury offering, and we even have executive-class rooms. In other words, our service quality needs to be top-notch from the moment our guests get in touch with us for t...  Continue reading
Two years ago my husband and I opened a mini hotel in a quiet part of Prague, not far from the city’s biggest exhibition center. We’d chosen a more remote region on purpose, as we were going for people coming to Prague for conferences and other bus...  Continue reading

You were trying to reach, but here you are instead. Don't worry, everything's fine, it's just that we rebranded the company. As of April 21st, the new trademark is Dzinga, though everything else is exactly the same as always, including legal name Smarttel Plus Oü and bank details. Enjoy!

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