A quick guide to Dzinga integrations for sales and marketing

Have you ever counted how many software tools you are using daily at the workplace? You might be surprised. Research shows that on average marketers are using 12 tools to manage their campaigns and data, and some are using 30 or more.

According to Slack’s “The State of Work” survey, 86% of workers report using more apps than they did five years ago, and 77% expect the number to rise even more in the next five years. A modern workplace is app-powered. Apps automate work routines and help us to be more productive and focus on more important tasks.

But there are downsides to this app gold rush. Workers have to navigate a sheer number of apps, and that takes a toll on their productivity. 56% of Slack’s respondents confirm that switching between apps makes it harder for them to get the work done. 68% of respondents say switching between apps takes half an hour a day or more.

Why are we switching between apps? In many cases, that’s because every app holds a piece of data that is only available within this app, and nowhere else. To put the puzzle together, we have to switch. CRM contains customer contacts. Landing page builder stores the data of leads captured by the pages. IP telephony app is where the history of phone calls and call recordings live. If all these data were available from within a single app, we wouldn’t need to app-hop so much, and probably we’d be more productive.

So how would you make your apps to share data? Integration is the answer. In this article, we’ll talk about integrating your Dzinga IP telephony with popular sales and marketing software.

Dzinga + marketing software integrations

Marketing software helps companies to attract new clients and encourage repeat purchases. Quite many tools fall under this category, from email marketing automation to complex systems for managing digital advertising campaigns. Currently, Dzinga supports the following integrations.

Landingi.com is a landing page builder software that enables virtually anyone to create beautiful and efficient landings without any specialized knowledge. You don’t have to be a designer or a web developer - Landingi.com offers professionally designed templates that turn into high-converting pages with just some clicks and copy-pastes.

GetResponse is a full-featured email marketing software that makes it easy to manage mailing lists, create professional-looking emails and landing pages, and run successful mailing campaigns. With over 1 billion business users from 180 countries, GetResponse strives to be the world’s most straightforward email marketing system. The platform is rightfully proud of its almost 100% email delivery rate.

A vital goal of any landing page and marketing email is conversion. A visitor (or recipient) has to perform a target action, be it a purchase, a newsletter subscription, or a webinar slot booking. That’s where Dzinga’s Call-back widget may help. The widget strengthens the conversion power of landing pages and emails so that they capture more leads with no extra effort on your side.

How does it work? A page visitor (or email recipient) sees a form that prompts them to request a call from your representative. Once they’ve entered their phone number, the widget automatically calls your rep, then the visitor, and connects both for a conversation. The entire process takes 21 seconds (or less), so the visitor’s phone rings almost immediately. A fast response often produces a wow effect, giving a good start to a conversation and increasing chances to complete the sale.

Dzinga integration allows you to install the Call-back widget to a landing page quickly, or embed it directly into the email body. Dzinga clients report up to a 125% increase in the number of leads captured by their landing pages and email campaigns.

Dzinga telephony + CRM integrations

CRM, by its name, is a tool for managing your relationship with customers. It’s a place where all the knowledge about your customers live: who they are, how to contact them, what are their needs, how they’ve interacted with your company. This powerful software accumulates all your customer data, from contact details to purchases made to specific conversations they’ve had with your employees. Companies use CRMs to provide the team with context about every customer’s needs and current state so that they can pick up the conversation at any moment.

Many interactions with customers happen over the phone. How do you make sure these interactions make their way into CRM records? Few people have time and patience to manually update CRM records each time when a new phone conversation happens. Fortunately, IP telephony for CRM integration got it covered. With Dzinga integrations for CRMs, all the calls made and answered by your team are automatically logged into CRM, along with conversation recordings and other call data.

At the moment, Dzinga supports integration with the following CRMs.

HubSpot is a powerful platform for sales, marketing, and customer service. Based on the concept of inbound marketing, it provides tools for customer relationship management, marketing automation, content management, SEO, SMM, lead generation, and more. It’s one of the most recognized marketing platforms in the world.

YClients is a cloud-based CRM and business management software for service industries, from language schools and medical centers to yoga studios and beauty salons. YClients covers all the core aspects of a service business, including online booking and appointment management, client database, customer communications, inventory management, and accounting.

Dzinga integration enhances CRMs with powerful telephony features. CRM users may start a call by just clicking a phone number. All the calls get logged into CRM automatically, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Phone conversations recorded and stored by Dzinga are accessible right from the CRM. With 50+ professional telephony features, Dzinga integration makes phone communications easier, faster, and more efficient for CRM users.

The integration also includes Dzinga’s lead generation solution - the Call-back widget. The widget converts website visitors into hot leads and syncs lead data directly to CRM.

With Dzinga’s cloud platform for business communications, hundreds of companies are attracting more clients and closing more sales. However, connecting Dzinga with your other software for sales, marketing, and eCommerce promises even better business results. For a full list of Dzinga integrations, visit the “Integrations” section on our website.


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