We are Dzinga. We love helping businesses grow!

Complex, old-fashioned hardware creates communication barriers, and so Dzinga delivers high-quality and low-cost cloud solutions for business communications. You owe it to yourself to work the way you need to work.

What do we offer?

Dzinga works with small and medium-sized businesses in the field of IP telephony and VoIP and offers you such decisions as:

Virtual PBX




Smart call-back

Call recording


Why Dzinga?

We offer the fastest and most reliable IP telephony in Europe accompanied by a service level and focus on customer level that is already earning rave reviews.

Our business communications technology platform is an all-inclusive, unified system with a strong technical basis that undergirds permanent quality standards.


Service level agreement


European countries covered


Customer care service

0.03 milliseconds

Transmission time for our hubs (one of the best rates in the world!)

21 seconds

The maximum call-back time for our managers — less time than it takes your PC to shut down


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