Since 30.04.2022 Dzinga stops product support. Service will not be available further. For existing Dzinga customers we offer to migrate your services to Our team will continue serve you on a new platform. Please contact our support for further steps. For new customers we offer to register account on Read this article for more information about Dzinga shutdown

Take mobile office wherever you want!

Now being out of office is no excuse. Experience ultimate freedom and convenience of mobile office. Enjoy business communications at hand and on the go. With Dzinga app you can make and receive calls, set up and join conference calls from anywhere.

Promote convenience and cooperation between employees and clients

You can easily transform employees’ mobile devices into an extension of their office phones. Set up redirection of calls from office to their colleagues' smartphones in your account. You can choose time when calls will redirect, period of redirection, set up groups for redirection etc.

Get the best of Dzinga app: it saves battery working in the background, you can create a cloud contact list of colleagues, set up complex conference calls and manage your accessibility!

Never miss a call even if you are far from office

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