Master your sales calling
with Cloud PBX by Dzinga

Close more business with 50+ call processing features designed for sales teams.

Grow your phone sales team from good to the best

Cloud PBX by Dzinga enables your salespeople to handle more calls, work from anywhere, and receive the coaching they need to close more deals. Set up in 30 minutes, zero tech knowledge required.

Get in front of more prospects and prevent missed opportunities

Missed inbound calls means lost business opportunities. Cloud PBX by Dzinga ensures every call reaches the right ears quickly. Use our simple visual call flow builder to optimally distribute calls between agents depending on who’s calling, when, and why. Enable your team to handle calls on the go with Dzinga’s mobile and desktop apps. Prevent lost calls in and out of the office and get more opportunities to engage with prospects.

Increase the response rate to cold calls up to four times

People are 4 times more likely to answer a call from an unknown caller if the call originates from a local number. Cloud PBX by Dzinga lets you call every prospect from a number that matches their home area code. Instantly acquire local phone numbers in 26 countries and choose the best fit to call the prospect. Get more calls answered and returned, expand into new regions without leaving the office, and watch the impact it makes to the number of closed deals.

Coach your team, track their performance, and make data-driven decisions

Your call history is a valuable source of business-critical data. Leverage call stats and reports to evaluate agents’ productivity and identify the top performers and under-achievers. Pull detailed statistics on the calls your agents placed, received, or missed. Record and listen to calls to identify coaching points and train the team through their real conversations. With Dzinga, all your team’s conversations get logged automatically, no oversight needed.


Top Cloud PBX features

  • Custom call routing

    Automatically send inbound calls to the optimal destination depending on who's calling, when, and why.

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  • IVR

    Create multi-level voice menus with custom prompts to handle initial requests and guide callers to the right person. Reach out to customers with pre-recorded voice messages for notifications, surveys, and more.

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  • Call recording

    Gain valuable insights from your sales conversations. Listen to conversation records to identify the best performing agents and their negotiation tactics.

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  • Follow me

    Receive incoming calls on multiple numbers or devices whether ringing all at once, or in sequence.

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  • Ring groups

    Route inbound calls to a group of employees; the call may ring on all extensions in the group at once or in a particular order.

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  • Multi-channel phone numbers

    Handle dozens of conversations simultaneously with landline, mobile, and toll-free numbers in area codes of you choice.

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  • Mobile & desktop apps

    Talk business on the go with the Dzinga softphone app for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

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  • Call statistics

    Control all your sales-critical calls. View all the calls your staff have made, received, or missed and analyze your agents’ workload and performance.

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Cloud PBX is a part of our subscription plans

€ 48
per month
Minutes per month
Multichannel landline numbers
Call recording
€ 16 /  3 mos. storage

€ 360
per month
Minutes per month
Multichannel landline numbers
Call recording
12 mos. storage

Why choose Dzinga

With Dzinga, you can forget switching between multiple communication apps. All your business conversations are beautifully organized and put together in one place. Control, measure, and manage your sales-critical communications A to Z and enjoy better sales results.

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