Cloud PBX

Quick to set up and inexpensive business telephony system that runs over your internet connection, with no need for wiring or hardware.

Cloud telephony can help a business

Handle dozens of inbound calls simultaneously, automatically distribute calls between people and locations, record and listen to conversations and pull high-resolution analytics to track and improve your business communications.

Never miss a call

Set up call handling rules to optimally distribute inbound calls between employees, departments, and offices. Route calls to the right destination automatically according to the topic, time of day, agent's availability, and more.

Train your staff to sell better

Leverage conversation recordings to polish your sales scripts and train new team members. Identify the best negotiating tactics from successful dialogues. Learn from unsuccessful dialogues to better understand your customers and adjust the scripts accordingly.

Measure to improve

Access in-depth call statistics to identify the best-performing agents and those who are underperforming. Measure each employee's workload, objectively assess their performance, and make better management decisions.

Top Cloud PBX features

  • Follow me

    Receive incoming calls on multiple numbers or devices whether ringing all at once, or in sequence.

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  • Ring groups

    Route inbound calls to a group of employees; the call may ring on all extensions in the group at once or in a particular order.

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  • Call recording

    Record and store conversations in the cloud; go back and listen to the recordings at any time from a convenient online dashboard.

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  • Call history

    Access an itemized list of all the calls your staff have made, received, or missed. Apply filters to see stats for particular employees and ring groups.

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  • Custom call routing

    Automatically send inbound calls to the optimal destination depending on who's calling, when, and why.

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  • Webphone

    Make and receive calls from the browser over an IP, with no need for additional equipment.

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  • Multi-channel phone numbers

    Handle dozens of conversations simultaneously with landline, mobile, and toll-free numbers in area codes of you choice.

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  • Mobile & desktop apps

    Talk business on the go with Dzinga softphone app for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

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Handle calls like a pro with a call-flow management dashboard

With Dzinga, every call you get automatically goes to the correct location, department, and person. Use visual call-flow builder to set up rules for different types of calls. Send calls to different destinations depending on who's calling, when, and why. Enable voicemail for calls received during non-business hours. Configure voice menu (IVR), add custom prompts, and set the on-hold melody to provide a calling experience that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Build a stronger sales team with powerful analytics and reporting features

Keep full control over your sales-critical communications with conversation logging, call history, call recording, and reports. Analyze your communication stats to identify the best and worst performing agents. Use call recordings to refine sales scripts and train new staff. Dzinga works with all types of communication devices - SIP phones, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops, so your branches, remote staff, and field workers always stay connected.

Cloud PBX is a part of our subscription plans

€ 48
per month
Minutes per month
Multichannel landline numbers
Call recording
fees apply
€ 360
per month
Minutes per month
Multichannel landline numbers
Call recording

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Dzinga helps companies receive more sales opportunities and close more deals with better customer communication

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