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I love all things new and high-tech. Give me the latest tablet or smartphone and I’ll be more than happy to stop going to expensive restaurants. But progress excites me on more than just a personal level; as a businessman...


Jovan Kovacic, CEO at Travel Around Agency

Virtual PBX

Five years ago I decided to open my own internet store. Back then, however, I didn’t pay much attention to things like telephony; I thought having a conveniently located warehouse, a simple and user-friendly site, and responsible...


Marco Rauk, CEO at online shop BeCaMo


A few years ago I quit my job at a fairly large and well known company, deciding instead to open my own call center. Of course, I started off full of ambition, though I was immediately checked by a number of problems. Some of those...


Jevgenijs Toma, CEO at call center TWINO


I have a travel agency, and multichannel phones are a must-have for me. A friend and fellow business owner recommended that I buy an 800 number and offer it to my clients. I think everyone knows what an 800 number is: the kind clients...


Jacek Szymanski, director at travel agency Go Travel

IP telephony

Our family business is a translation agency. It’s quite a few years old, and we absolutely adore it. My great-grandmother, who was a very well-known translator, founded it, and the last thing I’d want to do is soil her name by offering...


Marta Daškēviča, owner of translation agency World Global

Call recording

I’m no different from any other director in that I often have to resolve conflicts at work. Employees argue with their managers, team leaders yell at their teams, people cross the line when chatting with each other, and all...


Ron Morrissey, CEO of a retail company