Easy, fast and secure payments

It's easy

Individuals can pay for our services using debit or credit cards
(Visa, MasterCard);
Legal entities can pay via bank transfers.*

Please note that it can take up to three business days from the moment you make a payment to the time the money is added to your account. It all depends on how your fast your bank processes the payment.

It's fast

By card

*Please note that for security reasons you cannot pay more than € 250 and conduct more than 3 transactions per day.

By Invoice

    • Sign in at https://account.dzinga.com
    • Click the Card icon or your account balance
    • Select invoicing
    • Enter your billing amount
    • Download the file with payment details
    • Pay using your online banking or take the invoice to your bank

*Your balance will be updated automatically once the payment goes through

It's secure

Dzinga is dedicated to providing secure online payment methods. That’s why we added an extra level of security for Visa and MasterCard payments — to protect you from unauthorized credit card use. 3-D Secure technology includes both Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

After you enter your credit card details in our payment form, a new window will appear requesting your personal security code (you’ll get it via SMS).

Dzinga doesn’t store your card data, all of which is encrypted.

You were trying to reach https://smarttelplus.eu, but here you are instead. Don't worry, everything's fine, it's just that we rebranded the company. As of April 21st, the new trademark is Dzinga, though everything else is exactly the same as always, including legal name Smarttel Plus Oü and bank details. Enjoy!

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