Our cloud-based business communications platform is climbing the ladder of success, this time by way of serious recognition by industry experts. Dzinga was recently examined by trusted B2B directory FinancesOnline.com and came out with very positive...  Continue reading
Dzing-dzing! We’re excited to announce that we changed our name from MySmarttel+ to Dzinga. What is Dzinga and why are we making the change? ...  Continue reading
The new year is bringing with it new functionality, and for our clients that means Swiss city numbers. You can now buy landline numbers in Zurich with the +4143 code. Maybe you’re wondering why the Swiss would need a city number for Zurich. It’s a r...  Continue reading
What can you buy for a €1? A kilo of potatoes, half a loaf of bread, a packet of milk. Or HPBX for your office. We are offering all new Dzinga clients HPBX for just €0.99 per month instead of the usual €7.80. Everyone who connects the service by th...  Continue reading