We can’t wait to introduce new instruments implemented by Dzinga - meet new telephony Pole Star: Reports. Dzinga team has already developed quite a few products to empower our clients with possibilities. VPBX has recently broadened its f...  Continue reading
Joomla! is an advanced CMS system that works well in both medium-sized corporate websites and in more extensive applications. When combined with a connection management tool such as the Smart call-back widget, it allows users who visit your site to...  Continue reading
Wait, you still don’t have one? Here you’ll learn how to buy a toll-free and how much they cost. But first, let’s talk about what they are, why they’re worth having, and how free “free calls” really are. Then we can move on to how a toll-free h...  Continue reading
Almost all IP telephony providers offer the ability to record calls and conversations. ...  Continue reading
Calling tech support or a big company’s call center means spending a lifetime waiting on hold. And even finally getting in touch with someone doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road: the person you need isn’t in the office, the system froze...  Continue reading