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Turn your website into a lead generation machine
with Call‑back widget from Dzinga

Get up to 125% more leads from your website and close 4 times more deals.

Double the number of sales calls from your website visitors

The Call-back widget engages visitors, prevents them from leaving the website, and facilitates an immediate sales contact. It is proven to increase online sales and only takes 10 minutes to set up.

Close 4 times more deals with instant response

Every minute matters when responding to a web lead. The faster you respond, the more clients you win. The odds to win a lead drop 80% in 15 minutes after submission. Around 80% of customers buy from the company that responded to their inquiry first. The Call-back widget from Dzinga connects potential clients with your agent in less than a minute. A quick response puts you ahead of the competition and drives a 4-fold increase in sales conversion rate.

Spend time only on leads that are likely to buy

Focus your efforts on visitors that are ready to buy. Visitors who show zero interest and leave the website quickly are hardly worth your agents’ time. You may disable the Call-back widget for this group and only attract calls from visitors who are likely to buy. Target the widget at people who stay on the site for a while. Put the widget on the pages that are most likely to convert, like the Pricing or Shopping cart pages. Adjust the widget design and text to fit perfectly into the page and start receiving calls that are relevant to your business.

Prevent potential customers from leaving your website

98% of your website visitors leave without buying or providing their contact details. But you could stop them at the last moment by offering extra value - help, a bonus, or discount. The Call-back widget detects the user's intent to quit the page and pops up with a special offer. It prompts visitors to contact you instead of leaving the website. Turn exit intents into sales inquiries with the Call-back widget and boost your conversion rate.

Discover the Call-back widget's features and see what makes it tick

  • Immediate response

    Be the first to contact potential customers. Their phone will ring a few seconds after they have requested a call back. A call is automatically placed, all your agent needs to do is pick up and do the talking.

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  • Buying intent detection

    Only receive calls that are relevant to your business. Set up the Call-back widget to show up to visitors who are likely to buy, and skip those who apparently are not interested.

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  • Exit intent pop-up

    Prevent potential clients from leaving. The Call-back widget detects if the visitor intends on leaving the website and pops-up with a special offer.

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  • Scheduled and delayed call-back

    Convert visitors even after business hours. The widget notifies them that you’re away and prompts potential clients to choose the best date and time for a call. At the selected time, the call-back will launch automatically.

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  • Custom call routing

    Automatically send inbound calls to the optimal destination depending on who's calling, when, and why.

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  • Call statistics

    Control all your sales-critical calls. View all the calls your staff have made, received, or missed and analyze your agents’ workload and performance.

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  • Call recording

    Gain valuable insights from your sales conversations. Listen to conversation records to identify the best performing agents and their negotiation tactics.

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  • Customizable widget design

    Make the widget look natural on your website. Set a custom color scheme, change text, add a logo and background images in just a couple of clicks.

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How the Call-back widget works

  • Step 1.

    Your potential customer clicks the Call-back button on your website.

  • Step 2.

    A sidebar appears, prompting the customer to enter their phone number.

  • Step 3.

    After a few seconds, the customer’s phone is dialled. The Call-back widget connects them to your agent for a call.

  • Step 4

    The agent talks to the customer from any device: office phone, smartphone, tablet, or PC.

  • After the call

    The customer’s contact details and conversation history is stored in your Dzinga account. Now you could reach the customer via phone, SMS, and popular social messaging services.


€ 0
per month
21-sec Callback Widget included
Extra 21-sec Callback Widget
Leads included
Extra lead
€ 0.3
Call recording
€ 16 /  3 mon storage
€ 33
per month
21-sec Callback Widget included
Extra 21-sec Callback Widget
€ 11
Leads included
Extra lead
€ 0.3
Call recording
6 months storage
€ 99
per month
21-sec Callback Widget included
Extra 21-sec Callback Widget
€ 19
Leads included
Extra lead
€ 0.3
Call recording
12 months storage

Why choose Dzinga?

With Dzinga, you can forget switching between multiple communication apps. All your business conversations are beautifully organized and put together in one place. Control, measure, and manage your sales-critical communications from A to Z and enjoy better sales results.

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