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Streamline your system - make it work enterprise-grade stable

SIP Trunk - is a technology for business telephony that uses universal IP network instead of bulky outdated telephone lines. SIP Trunk is the first paramount step you can take to scale. Evaluate technical demands of your business expansion and we offer you options. Deal?

Why choose Dzinga SIP Trunk?

  • Meet new technology

    We guessed if you were googling “SIP Trunk”  either you are so advanced that you know what is it or you don’t know completely. Basically it means a drastic business upgrade for telephony that brings change along.

  • Professional and progressive

    SIP Trunk makes multichannel telephone system possible. Install VPBX and provide your office with effective organisation of calls and media exchange. SIP Trunk works quick and takes your convenience to a totally new level.

  • Mobile and agile

    If you have telephony system already then for you setting up SIP Trunk means an overhaul in order to become mobile and double your volumes. Get ready to set new outgoing numbers and fix up stable internet connection.

Why Dzinga SIP Trunk is so special?

Dzinga is an expert in telephony software market. Our team has more than 10 years of experience and we are committed to provide good quality product.

If you are installing SIP Trunk from scratch we dearly congratulate you with the right choice, because Dzinga SIP Trunk is:

  • Mighty

    Enables you with many lines at once.

  • Smart

    It is obviously the most advanced system today.

  • Reliable

    It is designed to ensure enterprise-grade stability.

  • Mobile

    Move office, switch between devices and users, scale out business.

Don’t miss your special offer

Why does your business need SIP Trunk?

  • Catalyze your growth

    Client will always reach your rep. It is designed to ensure stability if your business relies on the number of calls from clients, mobility of your employees, on how fast they answer or call back. Or let’s say you outsource staff from other offices. SIP Trunk has many advantages to offer. Contact us to learn more.

  • Scale out business and performance

    Mobility is an intrinsic modern feature. It also provides opportunity for scaling out. Imagine you open a new office or move business to another country. With SIP Trunk you don’t even bother buying new hardware - you just set soft in a way to meet your needs. With Dzinga be sure - we offer flawless corporate coverage and affordable price plans all over the world.

  • Finetune your technical equipment

    SIP Trunk is a robust technology that empowers your business with handful of opportunities and new software features. Fix SIP Trunk and get call flow management service automatically. Your whole office turns into a unified communication platform: share media, share calls, unite desktop and mobile screens. Enjoy modern telephone technologies at its best.

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