How sales teams win international clientele with Dzinga

Among Dzinga customers, there are many companies working with clients from abroad. Think contact centers serving an international customer base. Think manufacturers that collaborate with distribution partners in other countries. Think companies that sell directly to end customers abroad. All these businesses use telephony to communicate with partners and clients, making a large volume of international calls daily.

It’s true that international calls are much cheaper with Dzinga than with a conventional telephony provider. Nevertheless, low calling rates is not the only and in many cases, not even the most important reason why companies choose our services. Let’s talk about these other reasons for a minute.

Boosting cold sales

Imagine you’re getting a call from an unfamiliar caller whose number starts with another country’s phone code. How likely is it that you’ll answer this call? (Not very likely). And now, imagine getting a call from an unknown mobile number in your home area code. You’d answer this call, aren’t you?

Sales departments that practice cold calling use this effect to their advantage, increasing the number of successful calls and boosting sales. With Dzinga, salespeople may call each prospect from a number in their respective home region. Our records show that this technique increases the answer rate by 3-4 times, so chances of making a sale are three- or four-fold better.

Here’s what the statistics data show. People are 3.5 times more likely to answer a call from an unknown caller when the call is coming from a number in their home area code. Calls placed from mobile numbers tend to reach better answer rates. People associate landline numbers with telemarketing calls, while mobile numbers feel more like a personal call. That explains why Dzinga reduces the average number of attempts required to reach a prospect from 14 to 4-6. More answered calls, more potential clients in your sales pipeline.

Getting 2-4 times more queries from international customers

In addition to facilitating cold calling, Dzinga helps companies to get more sales requests from customers abroad. Let’s say there’s an American customer interested in your product. They click your ad, land on your website, and see a Polish contact number. What happens next? First, the customer may think that you don’t operate in their country. Second, they may postpone the call to figure out how much their mobile carrier charges for a call to Poland. Simply speaking, a number that is foreign to your client is a barrier between you and them. Few make it through this barrier, and most leave the website without placing an order, sending your ad spending down the drain.

With Dzinga, you can show each customer a phone number in their country: a regular fixed number, or a toll-free one. Obviously, the former costs a customer exactly as much as their domestic calls, and the latter is free. This improves the chances of customers calling you two- to threefold.

And this is just the beginning. There’s a powerful tool in Dzinga that encourages your website visitors to speak to your sales representative right away, without leaving the webpage. This is the Call-back widget, and it gets you at least 20% more sales inquiries, while many of our users scored even a two-fold surge.

The widget watches the visitor’s behavior on the webpage, and, when it feasibly detects purchase intent, displays a pop-up window offering a call from a sales rep within 21 seconds if the customer is willing to leave their phone number. As soon as they press “Enter”, the widget first places a call to an available sales representative; when they pick up, the widget places another call to the prospective customer, and then connects the two.

This approach offers multiple benefits. First, the client doesn’t have to wait on the phone line. Instead, they got an inbound call from a sales rep, almost immediately. It all looks like you have responded to the customer’s request in a flash, and called back because you appreciate their time and interest. Second, the widget helps retain customers in doubt, or those unable to find an answer to their questions. Third, you start talking with the customer the very moment they are on your website, interested in your offer, and have not yet considered your competitors’ products. Chances to close the deal are significantly higher in this case.

Lowering communication expenses

Now, back to communication expenses. Dzinga allows you to use numbers from almost any country and any area in the world, regardless of your location. You can get a Berlin or London number for your Warsaw office, and call your German or UK customers for a fraction of what a conventional carrier would charge. The same applies to your customers - to contact you, they dial a local or even a toll-free number, and pay for a local call or don’t pay at all. In both cases, your expenses are significantly lower than with a conventional telephony provider. And that’s not to mention savings on the phone infrastructure and equipment maintenance. Unlike traditional telephony, all it takes for Dzinga to work is Internet access and any device with a microphone and a speaker.

That’s how Dzinga helps companies create virtual offices and work with customers across the globe, without going anywhere. To find out more about Dzinga capabilities, check out all products.


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