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Connecting and Debugging IP Telephony Made Simple

Switching to a new type of connection is the right decision with many advantages to be enjoyed. Among these advantages are tariff reductions and improvements in the connection quality. Once you've decided a switch is for you, read on to find out how to easily configure IP Telephony.

Select a service provider by studying all the offers and rates available to you. Then you can decide on the provider and package that is best for your unique needs.

Make an order and choose a new phone number that you like. You can also immediately apply for conditional call forwarding for incoming calls from your old number.

Make a payment and, after signing the contract, deposit the amount prescribed in the contract to receive your individual PIN code. Keep this safe!

Enjoy all the benefits. Using your PIN, you will be able to enjoy VoIP access from any gadget.

IP Telephony: Leaving the Office

Your location does not matter because the internet is more than capable of supporting comfortable use of IP telephony. You can be in the office or at home and confidently hold work-related negotiations or private conversations. Even if telephony is used at home, connection quality will remain at a high level.

During the conversation, you can freely:

  • Transfer files
  • Conduct voice recording of dialogues
  • Enable video calling

The cost is a definite plus here. You will have incredibly affordable conversations with people from the same city to different countries and anywhere else around the world.

And the cost of your conversation will remain the exact same as the price of a call to a local number of a different mobile phone operator.

The Main Stages of Setting Up IP Telephony at Home

To become a happy IP telephony subscriber, you need a stable internet connection and special equipment:

  • A router with an IP gateway - this device allows you to use the “home” phone for conversations
  • An IP phone - a special device that connects directly to the modem
  • An SIP adapter and personal computer
  • Software - with its help, the PC acts as a device for conversations, file transfers and call recording. You will only need a microphone and headphones.

In the selection process, specify which equipment will be compatible with the network. You should understand how to set it up easily and where to buy it.

In some cases, operators are willing to rent you the equipment.

Typically, a specialist working for the provider performs the configuration on their own. In this option, the setup is reduced to several simple steps:

  • Connecting the adapter to the computer
  • Connecting the landline phone to the LINE1 port
  • Connecting the adapter and waiting while it boots
  • A characteristic tone signal should be heard in the handset.

The sound means you can enjoy conversations with all your acquaintances regardless of their location. It is recommended to prepare a separate power source for the equipment. Please note that VoIP only works if the computer is turned on and there is an uninterrupted connection to the web.

What IP Telephony can Offer

This method of communication provides a wide range of possibilities. It allows you to speak with friends, relatives and acquaintances around the globe.

Another plus is that you don't have to buy special equipment. A standard PC, headphones and headset are enough. Or you can use another device that has internet access. This means that when speaking with a person abroad, you do not have to pay for roaming. Another advantage is security and confidentiality of all conversations. Data is transmitted using an encrypted protocol and nobody except you receives the information.

Using technology is a good way to always be connected and essential for modern living. Costs can be significantly reduced since you no longer need to pay enormous sums of money to simply communicate with family and friends. In doing so, you can easily keep in touch with all those important to you.

What are the Benefits of Using IP Telephony at Home?

Broadband line - you can make multiple calls simultaneously. This is the right choice for families where members may work from home and need to carry out work-related calls. At that time, the rest of the family can freely make calls and talk on the phone.

PIN code - thanks to this option, the service is available anywhere in the world and on any device.

Affordable prices - calls to an IP address within city limits or across multiple borders are affordable for all subscribers. In some cases, operators set a special rate for a few destinations e.g. for contacts from the EU or Asia. This is the best option for home users but big companies that do business with many countries may wish to consider alternatives.

Easy installation – configure and set up the equipment by yourself without third party assistance.

Additional services - the technology includes a large number of options to make the life of each subscriber far simpler.

Always connected - you can work with telephony from any online device. All you need is your PIN for total communication connectivity while on the move.

The Cons

Before fully switching to telephony, let’s consider all the nuances:

  • It’s difficult to repair the equipment and almost impossible for someone without in-depth knowledge. In addition, troubleshooting can be expensive.
  • To use telephony, you need a connection to the internet.
  • There is no geographical location on the IP network, and therefore emergency communications will not work.
  • If the network is under heavy load during your conversation, there is the risk of reduced coverage quality.
  • Additional protection can be sensible to acquire as the line may become infected with viruses, malware or undergo DoS attacks.

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