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HPBX saved every single client when office moved

Five years ago I decided to open my own internet store. Back then, however, I didn’t pay much attention to things like telephony; I thought having a conveniently located warehouse, a simple and user-friendly site, and responsible couriers was much more important.

For communication I listed a cell number on my site. It wasn’t my personal number, of course, as I had instead purchased a cheap phone and sim card. The problem was that I soon noticed the amount of money I was spending and decided to install a fixed line in the office. Sure, my expenses dropped, but then somebody always had to be in the office. Clients would call at inconvenient times, and I would miss them and their business.

Three years later the business was growing steadily, we had a few people working in the office, and the phone was constantly ringing. People started to complain that they couldn’t get in touch with us — the line was always busy. I almost bought a whole bank of phones for the office!

That was when I shared my problem with a good friend, who told me how behind the times I was and that I needed HPBX. I contacted Dzinga, spoke with an excellent representative, and figured out which solution was best for me.

Our numbers are all multichannel, and I also set up call forwarding for my employees’ cellphones, meaning that we no longer miss any calls.

The same day I got HPBX, purchased a few city numbers, and connected conversation recording, IVR, and even the Smart call-back service. Our numbers are all multichannel, and I also set up call forwarding for my employees’ cellphones, meaning that we no longer miss any calls. I even did everything myself in the space of a couple hours. It sounds crazy, but that’s how it happened.

It took about a month for me to realize the kind of jackpot I’d stumbled on by switching from fixed telephony to HPBX. Our site conversion rate jumped several times over thanks to the callback widget, we started getting four times as many calls on our multichannel numbers, sales went through the roof, and we had to hire more people.

Then I started thinking about a move, since we had outgrown our facility. Once again I was happy we had HPBX: we didn’t lose any of our numbers or functionality. Our clients were safe, and life couldn’t have been easier for us!

Now there’s just one thing I’m trying to figure out: why I didn’t switch to HPBX earlier!

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