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How toll-free increased website conversion and boosted sales

I have a travel agency, and multichannel phones are a must-have for me.

A friend and fellow business owner recommended that I buy an 800 number and offer it to my clients. I think everyone knows what an 800 number is: the kind clients can call for free. It may seem obvious now, but I’d never thought about how my business needed one as well. I went with Dzinga thanks to their reasonable prices and good reviews.

I wasn’t left waiting long to see what would happen. As soon as I listed an 800 number on my site, the number of calls we got that week jumped by 30%! We couldn’t believe our eyes. Site conversion also grew, and we started getting many more calls from other cities to go along with our increased local calls. Monthly results ended up showing a 14% increase in our client flow. At that point we also realized that if employees on business trips called that number to chat with colleagues, we could also cut down on roaming and international calling fees.

As soon as I listed an 800 number on my site, the number of calls we got that week jumped by 30%! We couldn’t believe our eyes.

Even stepping beyond the benefits our bottom line was enjoying, there was also a public relations benefit that is critical in business. Yet again I was convinced that having an 800 number means you are a successful, reputable business. The kind of business that has the money to pay for potential clients to call them. Obviously, we selected a memorable number to make things easy for our clients, and I think it looks great on booklets and in calendars.

Long story short, I can say that our experience has been a positive one. Our position is climbing, clients are coming in, expenditures are falling. I think the future will see more and more companies with 800 numbers, but it still feels good to be one of the first.

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