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IP telephony

Simplify and boost your business communications

IP telephony provides you with really high connection quality by really low price. Moreover it there is no need for wires and bulky equipment. Telephony should be easy!

Why choose Dzinga IP telephony

No more unnecessary obligations

The age of installing equipment has passed. It means numbers aren’t tied to a physical location, so you can keep them if you decide to move. Telephony stays mobile as you carry it around in your pocket.

Don’t follow your connection, it follows you

IP telephony gives the opportunity to stay in touch with your clients, business partners and colleagues always. You may answer calls from work line wherever you are: in the office, on the road, at home, or even when traveling abroad. Dzinga makes sure the people calling you never tell the difference.

You will enjoy paying phone bills

We offer a minimal user fee, no contracts, noticeably lower long-distance and international call rates. You neither purchase equipment nor pay setup and maintenance. A pleasant surprise is waiting for you when time comes to pay your bill.

Why Dzinga IP telephony is so special?

Cutting up to 53% of telephony costs

In the 21st century the world dissolves borders thus communication should be affordable. Dzinga VoIP rates are much lower than the ones you’re used to, and calls in between Dzinga colleagues are free. Besides, you save time and money on purchasing, setting up, and maintaining telephony equipment.

Perfect connection quality

Dzinga provides the connection quality you will really enjoy. It makes you feel like you’re next to the person you’re talking to. It’s a trick we pull with the help of premium class data centers and multi-level backup to drive 98.8% uptime. In other words, we’re always here when you need us.

Simple and easy setup and management

Dzinga telephony is easy to set up and manage. You don’t even need an IT expert. It takes only 15 minutes to fix everything through browser and it is ready for operation. Our attentive customer service helps you anytime for free.

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Why does your business need IP telephony?

It stays in sync with your needs

Dzinga VoIP telephony gives you the flexibility to manage your growth and respond to high- and low-traffic periods. All it takes is just few clicks on our online control panel. You can easily add and delete telephone numbers, users and private lines, activate and turn off different tools and functions.

It gives a wide range of possibilities

Landlines all over the world, toll-free numbers, calls recording and cloud storage, IVR, smart queuing, concurrent calls, conference-calls — a lot of additional options to ensure your business achievements.

It makes you stand out from the crowd of competitors

Your clients will appreciate the possibility to call you for free on toll-free number or to request call-back and get it in 21 seconds. Activate multichannel number and catch every single call.

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