Since 30.04.2022 Dzinga stops product support. Service will not be available further. For existing Dzinga customers we offer to migrate your services to Our team will continue serve you on a new platform. Please contact our support for further steps. For new customers we offer to register account on Read this article for more information about Dzinga shutdown


Do business beyond borders with international landline numbers

Nowadays you can start business in other country without an office. Having landline number is more than enough. Dzinga offers local numbers in countries around the globe. Create virtual presence in any country you want.

Why choose Dzinga landline?

Be closer to your clients

Who cares where is your office? Now you can stay close to your clients even if they live in Australia! Install a number for any country you want and let your clients call you without incurring long-distance fees. Do business as if you’re right across the street.

Make and accept calls using any device

Incoming and outgoing calls can be made using whatever internet-enabled device you have at the moment, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or SIP phone.

Making it easy

Your number has no attach to a physical phone line, so you can keep it if you decide to move. What’s more, we don’t force you into any long-term contracts. Feel free to use our services for exactly as long as you need them!

Why Dzinga landlines are so special?


Our price for landline numbers is considerably lower than the market average. And it is evidently lower than having costly offices in different regions. If you want check out package plans that are perfect for you to cut down on communication expenses.

Simultaneous calls

Design logic of taking calls simultaneously. Our system supports such function. Activate multichannel number and catch every single call. And your clients won’t ever hear annoying elevator music while waiting on hold.

A matter of reputation

Your clients will appreciate the possibility to call you for free on a toll-free number or to request a call-back and get it in 21seconds. Dzinga gives you all the professionalism of having a landline while maintaining the flexibility of your cell phone. Build a rapport right.

Are you ready for more leads?

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Why does your business need landline?

Cost-effective solution

Installing landline number from Dzinga is cost-effective: discover our special rates for European and non-EU calls. And a reputation of corporate landline number ensures you have more customers and larger revenue.

A professional image

Dzinga gives you all the professionalism of having a landline while maintaining the flexibility of your cell phone. Landline number builds trust among clients. No one will find out it is virtual and mobile.

Convenience first

Design the logic of calls tailored to your business process, direct and reroute calls to any internet-enabled device and take calls everywhere in the office or at home. What’s more, install Dzinga app on iOS or Android and enjoy its convenience.

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