Do business beyond borders with international landline numbers

Now you don’t need to have an office to start business in other country. Landline is more than enough. Dzinga offers local numbers in countries around the globe. Create a virtual presence in any country you want.

Why choose Dzinga landline?

Be closer to your clients

Who cares where you and your office are? Now you can stay close to your clients even if they live in Australia! Install a number for any country you want and let your clients call you without incurring long-distance fees. It’s as if you’re right across the street.

Make and accept calls using any device

Incoming and outgoing calls can be made using whatever internet-enabled device you have access to at the moment, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or SIP phone.

Making it easy

Your number isn’t tied to a physical phone line, so you can keep it even if you decide to move. And even better, we don’t force you into any long-term requirements. Feel free to use our services for exactly as long as you need them!

Why Dzinga landlines are so special?


Our plans are great for cutting down on your communication expenses.

Simultaneous calls

Don’t make your clients listen to some annoying elevator music while they wait for you to answer. Instead, utilize the simultaneous calls our system includes.

Stand out from the competitors

Your clients will appreciate the possibility to call you for free on toll-free number or to request call-back and get it in 28 seconds. Activate multichannel number and catch every single call.

Are you ready for more leads?

try new

Why does your business need landline?

Save time and money

Setup and monthly costs are much lower with us than with traditional phone systems, so go ahead and cut your company’s communication costs by up to 50%.

Earn your customers’ trust

We can point to customers who added a landline to their website and saw an immediate 20-30% increase in the number of calls they were receiving. You don’t need a physical office in each of the countries you operate in; just having a local number will make you more trustworthy for your target audience.

A professional image

You can’t have a respectable business without a fixed number even if you’re the only employee. Dzinga gives you all the professionalism of having a landline while maintaining the flexibility of your cell phone.

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