Call recording

Get the most out of your conversations with your customers

Call recording function helps you better understand your customers, learn how to work with rejections and boost sales

Why choose Dzinga Call recording function?

Protect your interests

Having conversations stored in the cloud means you can go back to them if you ever have a problem with a client.

Coach your team more effectively

By recording calls, you can hear how your team members are dealing with customers. It’s a fantastic opportunity for managers to help teams improve their communication skills with customers, and to provide tips on how to sell more effectively and how to offer better customer service and support.

Provide great customer service

It costs five-to-seven times more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. By listening closely to call recordings, you and your team can better understand customers’ pain points — and how to avoid or at least minimize them in the future.

Why Dzinga Call recording is so special?

A fixed price

You just pay a set monthly fee regardless of how many calls you record and how many minutes you have stored in the Dzinga cloud.

Unlimited capacity and duration of storage

Store as many recordings as you want for as long as you need without paying extra for the infrastructure you would need to do so in-house. We don’t limit how long you can store your recordings in the cloud. Hang onto them as long as you need!

Simple setup

Call recording is already included in Dzinga HPBX. You can activate it and set up recording and storage rules in just a few clicks in your personal account.

Do you want to get a valuable tool for your business?

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Why does your business need Call recording function?

Boost sales

Use real rejections from real customers to improve the way you handle them in the future.

Build a loyal client base

Analyzing conversations helps you better understand your customers’ needs and create an environment they’ll want to come back to again and again.

Increase productivity

Check to see how efficient your client-facing business processes are and look for areas you can improve on.

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