Since 30.04.2022 Dzinga stops product support. Service will not be available further. For existing Dzinga customers we offer to migrate your services to Our team will continue serve you on a new platform. Please contact our support for further steps. For new customers we offer to register account on Read this article for more information about Dzinga shutdown

Dzinga SMS + YClients:
Text your customers like a pro

Dzinga SMS is a quick and reliable way to connect with your YClients contacts wherever they are in the world

Dzinga and YClients: better together

Dzinga enables you to send SMS directly from YClients interface, both manually and automatically. All the messages come from your brand name instead of a regular phone number, giving a more upscale feel to your communication with customers.

Zero missed appointments

Send SMS reminders about the upcoming appointment to minimize customer no-shows. SMS reminders can be sent automatically, based on the scheduled appointments in your YClients calendar.

Branded SMS

All the texts will display your brand name as a sender, instead of a regular phone number. Branded SMS looks professional and strengthens your brand in the eye of a customer.

Reduced manual job

Birthday discounts, appointment reminders, feedback requests and other standard messages can be sent automatically. Just select a suitable scenario from the list and enter the text to send, Dzinga will do the rest.

Real-time performance reports

Track the performance of your SMS messages from either YClients or Dzinga interface. Make sure that the messages reach customers and control your SMS spend.

Strengthen your customer relationship with Dzinga + YClients integration

  • Alphanumeric sender ID

    Register an alphanumeric sender ID to display your brand name as an SMS sender, instead of a regular phone number.

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  • Extended geography

    Dzinga operates internationally and allows you to send SMS to virtually any country in the world.

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  • Friendly prices

    Dzinga’s SMS packages are moderately priced, enabling you to upgrade your customer service without spending a fortune.

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  • Top delivery rates

    Thanks to direct connection to dozens of SMS carrier networks, Dzinga secures best SMS delivery rates, regardless of the country.

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How to integrate Dzinga with YClients

  • Step 1.

  • Step 2.

    Fill in the registration form and create your Dzinga account.

  • Step 3.

    Go to the Alpha-names section in the menu and create your sender ID. This name will display as a sender of your messages, instead of a regular number.

  • Step 4.

    Go to the Integrations section in the menu, select YClients and copy your unique code.

  • Step 5.

    Log in to your YClients account and go to Settings - Notifications - SMS notifications.

  • Step 6.

    Fill in the form as follows: SMS aggregator - Dzinga, Authorization key - the code you’ve copied on Step 4, SMS sender’s name - the Alpa-name you’ve created on Step 3. Click Save, and you’re all set.

Select an SMS package that best suits your needs

€ 10
per month
Your Business name as Sender ID
Cost per SMS starting from
€ 0.033
SMS included up to
Technical Support
€ 50
per month
Your Business name as Sender ID
Cost per SMS starting from
€ 0.029
SMS included up to
Technical Support
Email, Phone 09.00-17.00
€ 100
per month
Your Business name as Sender ID
Cost per SMS starting from
€ 0.027
SMS included up to
Technical Support
Personal manager

Why choose Dzinga

With Dzinga, you may forget switching between multiple communication apps. All your business conversations are beautifully organized and put together in one place. Control, measure, and manage your sales-critical communications A to Z and enjoy better sales results.

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Strengthen your customer relationship with Dzinga SMS + YClients integration

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