Dzinga + HubSpot integration:
Take your business comms to new levels

Dzinga is a telecommunications platform packed with tools for you to automate, control and grow your business

Dzinga and HubSpot: Great together in every way

Click to call from HubSpot! Dzinga empowers you to make calls direct from your CRM, log calls automatically and control your activities. Dzinga’s lead generation widget secures more hot calls from potential customers and drives leads direct to HubSpot.

Make calls direct from your CRM

Free your team from manual work. Simply set Dzinga as your main calling solution to make calls direct from browser with a single click.

Log all calls via HubSpot

All outbound and inbound calls are logged via HubSpot. See full call info including details and outcome, then review call recordings via HubSpot.

Always in touch with Dzinga app

Dzinga app is synchronised with HubSpot so you can conduct outbound calls when out of office, manage contacts, company cards and notes remotely.

Want more sales?

Connect Dzinga Call-back Widget to HubSpot. The Call-back widget drives additional leads via your site and improves qualification up to 4x by enabling instant response to lead inquiries. Integration links your Dzinga leads direct to HubSpot, ending the stress of leads across disparate systems.

Increase conversion rates with Dzinga + HubSpot integration

  • Landline local numbers

    Local landline numbers with IVR increase your company's trust rate.

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  • Mobile local numbers

    Cold callers - local mobile phone numbers enjoy a 30% higher answered call rate than landline phone numbers.

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  • Call flow and IVR

    Never lose customers because of the long call queues. Allocate customer interest before the conversation and connect the call to the right person immediately.

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  • Reports and statistics

    Reports is a tool that helps you control your team's activities, measure campaign results and much more.

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  • Call recording

    Dzinga records conversations between reps and leads and passes recordings to HubSpot. Listen to these to control service quality, identif best sales practices and coach your team.

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How to integrate Dzinga with HubSpot

  • Step 1.

  • Step 2.

    Go to Dzinga’s Apps & Integrations section, choose the Integrations tab and select HubSpot.

  • Step 3.

    Select the Product you want to integrate: Call-back and/or Calling features and/or widgets then press "Integrate".

  • Step 4.

    You will be prompted to sign in to your HubSpot account.

  • Step 5.

    Once signed in, press “Grant access” and you’re all set!

Pricing plans

€ 48
per month
Minutes per month
Multichannel landline numbers
Call recording
€ 16 /  3 mos. storage

€ 360
per month
Minutes per month
Multichannel landline numbers
Call recording
12 mos. storage

Why choose Dzinga

With Dzinga, you may forget switching between multiple communication apps. All your business conversations are beautifully organized and put together in one place. Control, measure, and manage your sales-critical communications A to Z and enjoy better sales results

Try it now!

Improve your business results with Dzinga + HubSpot integration.

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