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Happy customers reviews

Marta Magierowski

“Dzinga understands the way we work and has helped us communicate more effectively within our company and with customers. We knew absolutely nothing about VoIP before, but know I just don’t know how to work without it! It is the best thing for successful business operating.”

Dennis Jegorovs

“If one asks me what Dzinga does the best possible way, I answer “Service!” ‘cause it’s really amazing! They called me back in 10 seconds! Can you imagine? I thought that it will take some hours or may be days but it was 10 seconds! With every call they are very patient, friendly and helpful. They answer every question and walk me through every process. I would recommend Dzinga based on their customer service alone.”

Armands Bukane

“My company has several offices, and our employees are scattered throughout those offices. Dzinga has made it possible for us to have only one phone number. It become easy to receive our calls and messages regardless of our location! Our phone rings wherever we are! It’s amazing let alone easy to use! I know it is a cliché…but I don’t know what we would do without Dzinga!”

You were trying to reach https://smarttelplus.eu, but here you are instead. Don't worry, everything's fine, it's just that we rebranded the company. As of April 21st, the new trademark is Dzinga, though everything else is exactly the same as always, including legal name Smarttel Plus Oü and bank details. Enjoy!

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