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User reviews

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  • Lexus Kraków

    Lexus runs one dealership in Krakow. Communication services there needed a timely update  – in order to keep up with market trends towards greater personalisation of contact and automationOne of the renovation steps was to install Dzinga call-back widget on Lexus Kraków website. The tool made it possible for a customer to get through to a rep from dealership in 21 seconds after entering their phone number. “Widget entices customers to leave their number, we have really had more calls since installation. As if it provides a shortcut for a conversation. Dzinga has offered persuasive scripts and design that correspond to our message and image. It makes customers feel welcomed and inspire trust to have a private conversation with dealership member.”

  • 7islands.pl

    7islands is a modern rapidly growing travel agency. Frequently, last minute deals would sell out so quickly that it was impossible to keep the website updated. Staff weren’t able to confirm incoming reservations. They decided to install the Smart call-back widget, which enables website visitors to contact when viewing the offer to make sure it’s still available. Chatting to a consultant has made it easier to ask all important questions and make a fully guaranteed booking for the selected deal. The staff recall the day the call-back button was launched on their website as “the day of never-ending calls”. We communicated to our customers: “Welcome, we’re here for you and we’ll do our best to help you”. With Smart call-back, there has been a growing number of calls along the lines of “I’m on your website and I’m trying to choose between hotels A and B. Instead of looking for reviews I’m calling to get advice from you”. Many customers praise the company for its customer-friendly approach.

  • Apifonica.com

    Apifonica provides tools for software developers to easily embed SMS- and voice-based communication into any application. Apifonica’s team is distributed across Europe, serving clients from around the world. Once Dzinga’s 21-second Call-back was installed on their website Apifonica started to attract around 30% more requests for demo from potential customers. Call-back is particularly appreciated by customers overseas, since it’s 100% free for a caller. It’s also proved useful for the marketing team: every call back request might be easily attributed to the corresponding marketing channel, which allows for a very clear analytics of ad campaigns efficiency.

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