Multi-channel messaging

Dzinga allows you to chat with customers via SMS and social messaging through a single web interface.

Chat on multiple platforms through a single interface

Customers are able to contact you via their preferred channel, without the need for your agents to switch between multiple systems or learn new software. Run SMS advertising campaigns to broadcast your message to a wider audience. Access conversation history to recall previous conversations and provide personalized context-rich service that people will take note of.

Reach customers on mobile and social

Contact customers via SMS and popular messaging apps through a single unified web interface, with no need for aditional software or staff training.

Drive engagement with mobile marketing campaigns

Get 85% of your messages read within 3 minutes upon reception with SMS marketing campaigns. Use phone numbers in different area codes to look and feel local to customers across cities and countries.

Collaborate better with corporate messenger

Eliminate the need to switch between different apps when you need to contact a workmate. Use Dzinga's corporate mobile messenger to chat within the company and stay on the same page on current projects, priorities, and deadlines.

Top Multi-channel messaging features

  • SMS texting

    Chat with customers via SMS to deliver time-sensitive information and get a better read-rate than on any other communication channel.

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  • Mobile marketing campaigns

    Send SMS messages to an unlimited number of subscribers simultaneously. Track success metrics like delivery rate and open rate in real time.

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  • Corporate mobile messenger

    Keep your work-related conversations organized in a dedicated chat.

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  • Telegram messaging

    Send texts, files, and media over the fastest and most secure messenger app.

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  • Group chats on Telegram

    Build a community around your brand with group chats on Telegram. Invite up to 200 members to a basic group or go big with a supergroup that supports up to 100 000 members.

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  • Telegram channels

    Broadcast your message to a larger audience with Telegram channels. Invite an unlimited number of subscribers and track engagement metrics for each post.

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  • Alphanumeric sender IDs

    Set your brand name as your sender ID for SMS. Around 20% of people say they only read texts from recognized senders. Your recipients might not recognize your phone number, but they will recognize your brand name.

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Reach customers on their preferable channels

Live conversation is a powerful way to turn initial interest into a sale. That's why companies care about making it easy for customers to contact them. By offering a choice of contact options, you naturally engage more people in conversation and create more sales opportunities.

Handle all your customer interactions in one place

With Dzinga, there's no need to switch between multiple communication apps and struggle to make them work together. You are able to handle and supervise all your phone calls, SMS dialogues, online chats, and social conversations in a single window. All interactions across all channels are grouped together so that your agents can easily follow every conversation, regardless of where it happened.

Our customers

Dzinga helps companies receive more sales opportunities and close more deals with better customer communication

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