Web widgets for lead generation

Web widgets are small graphic elements displayed on your website that compel visitors to engage in a live dialogue with your agents "here and now" via phone or chat.

Engage more customers in conversation

In a live conversation you have a much better chance at closing a sale. Widgets are proven to increase online sales by 30-60% and only take 15 minutes to set up.

Turn website visitors into sales leads

Web widgets capture the attention, keep visitors on the page, and encourage them to engage in a live conversation with your agents "here and now" via phone or online chat.

Double the number of contact requests you get from the website

Some of your visitors are okay to call you, while others would prefer texting. By offering a range of contact options, you naturally engage more visitors in a dialogue.

Respond to customer requests in 21 seconds... or faster

With Dzinga's instant call-back technology, a visitor will receive a call from your agent a maximum of 21 seconds after submitting a request on the website.

Top Web widget features

  • Online chat

    Provide real-time help and advice through a quick chat on your website. Handle chat conversations in a single interface with your SMS and social messenger dialogues.

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  • 21-second call-back

    Immediately react to "call me now" requests from your website. Once a request is submitted, the widget automatically calls both your agent and the visitor and connects them for a telephone conversation.

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  • Call scheduling

    Let visitors schedule a call for later if they try to reach you during non-business hours. A widget will automatically arrange a call at the scheduled time.

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  • Mobile ready

    Leverage widgets to engage visitors who browse your website on mobile devices, even if you don't have a dedicated mobile version of the site.

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  • Behaviour targeting

    Choose how widgets should react to a specific visitor's behaviour, like an intention to leave the page, time spent on the site, or inactivity.

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  • Customizable design

    Customize widget design to match your brand identity. Set custom color schemes and background, add logos and animation effects - all through a simple visual editor.

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  • Location targeting

    Choose specific geographical locations for your widgets to display. People who browse your website from non-target locations won't be prompted to contact you.

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  • Customizable texts

    Set up custom texts to display when visitors interact with the widgets, or use our pre-set texts to save time.

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Get a better return on your online marketing investment

You may invest in online ads, SEO efforts, content marketing and other paid channels to bring people to your website. But only a fraction of site visitors proceed to the next stages like quote request or purchase. Widgets help increase these numbers 2 to 3-fold by prompting visitors to contact you immediately if they have questions or doubts. Live advice from your agents simplifies the decision-making process for site visitors and helps convince them that they are making the right choice.

Grow your online sales by 30-60%

Widgets prompt visitors to engage in a live conversation with your agents. Each conversation is a sales opportunity. The more conversation requests you receive, the more you sell. It's that simple. Offering a number of contact options helps to further increase the number of requests. Online chat caters to people who prefer texting over calling, while 21-sec call-back launches a phone call. By respecting personal communication preferences, you naturally engage more people in a dialogue.

Lead generation widgets are a part of our subscription packages

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21-sec call-back widgets

Online chat widgets
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Minutes per month
€ 360
per month
21-sec call-back widgets

Online chat widgets
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Minutes per month

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