Since 30.04.2022 Dzinga stops product support. Service will not be available further. For existing Dzinga customers we offer to migrate your services to Our team will continue serve you on a new platform. Please contact our support for further steps. For new customers we offer to register account on Read this article for more information about Dzinga shutdown

Dzinga + HubSpot integration:
Make the most of your website traffic

Dzinga converts online visitors into hot leads and syncs lead data direct to HubSpot

Dzinga and HubSpot are great together in every way

Dzinga drives additional leads from your website and improves qualification up to 4x by enabling an instant response to lead inquiries. Integration links your Dzinga leads direct to HubSpot and ends all the stress of leads across disparate systems.

Attract leads with Dzinga then manage them with HubSpot - seamless!

Dzinga works where forms fail, converting site traffic into hot leads by offering visitors an immediate response to their queries. With Dzinga, visitors can enter their phone number and receive a call from your rep in seconds. Dzinga converts visitors 24/7, prompting them to schedule a call for later. All leads Dzinga captures are automatically passed to your HubSpot account where you can nurture them with ease.

Increase lead qualification and populate your CRM with phone call data

The probability of qualifying a lead is 80% higher if enquiries are answered within 5 minutes. Dzinga enables an instant response to lead inquiries, driving the best qualification rates. Once a visitor enters their phone number, Dzinga automatically arranges it to receive a call from your rep in under a minute. All your rep has to do is pick up and do the talking. Phone call data syncs directly to HubSpot too.

Free your team from manual data uploads

Leads captured by Dzinga appear automatically in your HubSpot database without you lifting a finger. Integration reports to HubSpot the lead’s phone number, page where conversion occurred, whether contact attempt was successful and an audio recording of the conversation. Manage your Dzinga leads alongside leads from other sources, access call recordings without switching screens, add notes and comments, and add leads to your HubSpot automation workflows.

Convert more leads and increase sales with Dzinga + HubSpot integration

  • Website conversion booster

    Dzinga turns visitors to your website into sales calls, prompting visitors to request a call from your agent and enabling instant response to lead enquiries.

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  • Instant lead response

    Dzinga enables immediate response to lead enquiries, driving the highest lead qualification rates. The probability of qualifying a lead is 80% higher if their enquiry is answered within 5 minutes.

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  • Exit intent pop-up

    Dzinga detects visitors’ intent to quit your page and prompts them to contact you instead of leaving, turning exit intents into sales enquiries.

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  • Buyer intent detection

    Dzinga identifies and prioritises visitors who are likely to buy and filters out irrelevant calls so you only receive calls relevant to your business.

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  • Delayed call-back

    Dzinga converts visitors even after business hours. It will notify them that you’re away and prompt them to choose the best date and time for a call. At the selected time, calls launch automatically.

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  • Call recording

    Dzinga records conversations between your reps and new leads and passes recordings to HubSpot. Listen to conversations to control your service quality, identify the best sales pitches and coach your team.

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  • Track Google ADs campaigns

    Dzinga collests and forwards UTM metrics to HubSpot, which helps you measure and correct your adwords campaigns.

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How to integrate Dzinga with HubSpot

  • Step 1.

  • Step 2.

    Set up a Call-back Widget following the on-screen instructions.

  • Step 3.

    Go to the Apps & Integrations section, switch to the Integrations tab and select HubSpot.

  • Step 4.

    Select a widget from the drop-down menu and click “Connect with HubSpot”.

  • Step 5.

    You will be prompted to sign in to your HubSpot account.

  • Your benefit!

    Once signed in, press “Grant access” and you’re all set!


€ 0
per month
21-sec Callback Widget included
Extra 21-sec Callback Widget
Leads included
Extra lead
€ 0.3
Call recording
€ 16 /  3 mon storage
€ 33
per month
21-sec Callback Widget included
Extra 21-sec Callback Widget
€ 11
Leads included
Extra lead
€ 0.3
Call recording
6 months storage
€ 99
per month
21-sec Callback Widget included
Extra 21-sec Callback Widget
€ 19
Leads included
Extra lead
€ 0.3
Call recording
12 months storage

Why choose Dzinga?

With Dzinga, you may forget switching between multiple communication apps. All your business conversations are beautifully organized and put together in one place. Control, measure, and manage your sales-critical communications A to Z and enjoy better sales results

Try it now!

Gain more leads and quickly turn them into new customers with Dzinga + HubSpot integration.

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