What is SIP calling and how to use it in business?

Every year, there are more and more enterprises that abandon traditional telephone operators for SIP calling (Session Initiation Protocol). This technology allows not only to reduce the costs of running a business but also provides a number of additional functionalities. What is SIP calling and in what aspects of business brings the greatest benefits to entrepreneurs?

Easy implementation and simple operation

In the business area, SIP calling functions primarily as an alternative to traditional calling, while offering much greater functionality. SIP solutions can work with any telecommunications operator that supports voice calls over the IP network. They are easily scalable and can handle up to 150,000 subscribers, and they also have a flexible, customized way of implementation, using the existing IT infrastructure.

SIP calling machines at first glance may resemble traditional landline phones, but the most modern ones are equipped with a number of improvements. First of all, they have a large, (usually touch) display, thanks to which it is possible to easily support advanced functions, such as joining a scheduled meeting in a group work system, browsing a list of contacts supplemented with profile pictures and information on the availability of individual employees. In addition, modern SIP calling phones enable integration with mobile phones via the Bluetooth protocol, so you can very easily switch the call to a landline phone.

What benefits gives SIP calling to companies?

Many people have in their lives private contacts with VoIP connections, for example through free internet communicators. For business applications with SIP calling, it is possible to integrate this network with other telecommunications solutions in the company, which translates into the creation of a UC (Unified Communication) environment, i.e. the integration of multiple communication channels into one system. Therefore, SIP calling can be an efficient communication center for employees, integrating telephone, video conferencing, text messages as well as accessibility monitoring within a single interface.

The SIP calling functionality is complemented by a convergent telephony system that allows you to transfer all functionalities and contacts stored in the main database to your mobile phone or desktop computer. This solution definitely increases the efficiency and comfort of subordinates. Entrepreneurs may also benefit from investment in SIP calling because putting on communication with the use of the Internet can significantly reduce the costs of doing business. Thanks to the flexible implementation model, which significantly reduces the price of the service, today smaller companies are starting to use this technology in addition to large corporations.

Where does SIP calling work best?

The main entities using SIP calling are enterprises for which telecommunications is one of the pillars of activity, i.e. having a call centre or in a more complex form - contact centre. Thanks to the use of SIP-based devices they generate significant savings while increasing the standard of service (e.g. by using broadband audio connections of much better quality). The SIP implementation is also used by enterprises with a dispersed structure, having branches in many cities in the country and abroad. A simple video conferencing system allows their employees to contact without having to spend time and money on the trip. Enterprises with many mobile employees, in the form of, for example, sales representatives, may also benefit from the introduction of SIP calling. Thanks to the use of convergent telephony, a single application in the smartphone allow for continuous availability (thanks to the use of Wi-Fi networks) under the company's telephone number. The SIP interface itself and the ability to integrate it with other communication devices favours the installation of such devices in the reception desks and secretariats. Thanks to the aforementioned functions, the SIP calling device can show the availability of persons to whom the connection should be sent, as well as in a simple and convenient way to redirect them.


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