How brands affect millenials?

A few examples of how well-known brands influence millennials purchasing decisions.


The popularity of this method is explained by the fact that the most financially reliable audience of Generation Y and Z can be described as a generation hungry for knowledge, constantly searching for sources of inspiration and motivation.

In fact, these sources can be anything: a product, service or a specific person. The main thing is that they are accompanied by a story or an opportunity to gain a unique experience and new knowledge.

Emotional linking to the brand

Brands are trying to maximally integrate themselves into the lives of consumers, constantly being close, if not as the main product, then in some other form. So, realizing that a potential audience appreciates being taken care of, some brands have created companion platforms. For example Fendi launched an online guide for Rome. It combines recommendations for the classiest bars, restaurants and cafes of the city. This helps the brand stay in touch with its audience.

Own media and corporate magazines

The number of internal resources of different companies continues to grow, and these media are now so high-quality that they win over their own and sometimes quite large audiences. In such internal media, the company is able to create content, conduct high-quality and beautiful surveys, attract journalists and discuss topics that simultaneously reveal the company's values and interest the audience.

«For example, the Airbnb corporate travel magazine, which is distributed at airports, cultural centers and tourist offices.»

Video content

This is becoming more widespread due to loyalty programmes of operators and the increasingly inexpensive high-speed Internet, which has ensured the popularity of YouTube channels. Before going to bed, users often watch lectures and video interviews instead of reading books or articles. According to statistics, they even search for information they need on Youtube, rather than using search engines. Brands feel this and are beginning to adapt actively.

«For example, this summer “Tous” shot a series of mini-films starring Gwyneth Paltrow. All of their storylines are tied around Tous accessories presented as irreplaceable items for all occasions.»

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