What digital traces of purchase are left behind by phone brands, emial addresses and mobile devices?

The researchers found that customers who placed an order from a phone rather than from a computer are more likely to fail credit obligations. The use of old mail services like Hotmail and Yahoo is also one of the signs of a possible unreliable borrower. For customers who incorrectly indicate their e-mail, the risk of being an unscrupulous borrower is 5.09%, while for those who do not make mistakes this risk amounts to 0.94%.

The likelihood of non-fulfillment of credit obligations can be predicted even by the way you visit a website. For example, those who went to the shop from a site with a comparison of prices are considered less reliable customers than those who came to the store by clicking on an advertisement. Sometimes even very little information plays a role. For example, the system believes that customers using their name in their e-mail address are 30% more reliable in repaying credit than those who create an e-mail name like “kitty367”.

Researchers recognize that this method can significantly affect the behavior of customers in the network and their freedom of action. Imagine that you have to buy an iPhone just to have your mortgage application approved, or that you have to think how to name your e-mail address properly in order to get a loan for a car.