Smart call-back helps a small business attract new customers

I’m a cosmetician. When I was just getting started on my own, I received clients at my house. They found me via the pages I had in all the social networks. As time went by, my clientele expanded, until there came a day when I was forced to start referring orders to colleagues. That’s when I started thinking about opening my own salon.

We opened the salon with three work stations, though none of our specialists had a full schedule. By that time we had a site, even if it was simple, and I wondered if I could use it to attract more clients. I checked the site statistics: we had plenty of visitors, though only a few of them were calling and making reservations. My search for an answer to the problem was unsuccessful. None of the solutions I tried worked. I was just about ready to give up when, happily, a good friend told me about how a call-back widget helped his business. To my shame, I didn’t know what that was, so I called the first service provider I found to ask. That happened to be Dzinga, and the representative told me everything: how it works, how to install it on the site, how much it costs, and how I don’t need to tie myself into a long-term contract, while also discussing their other services. He even suggested I connect a toll-free number. I decided to give that a try, figuring that I had nothing to lose — the first month is free.

We hooked up a toll-free number, installed the Smart call-back widget on the site, and started getting both call-back requests and more calls than usual. The number of monthly clients we were getting tripled. I didn’t even believe it at first, figuring that we must have miscalculated, so I decided to get to the bottom of the whole thing.

My clients and I chat while I’m working with them, and in particular I ask why they chose our salon. It turned out that about half of them preferred the convenience of a toll-free number. The other half used the “call me back” button, saying that they loved how easy it was to request a call back for a time when they knew they’d be able to talk — for free. Everyone loves things when they’re free.

So how did everything end up? We expanded: today we have five work stations, and we’re thinking about moving to a more spacious location. Our specialists work from morning till night, and profits are rising. I’d like to thank that friend who recommended IP telephony and Smart call-back, not to mention the Dzinga representative who patiently heard me out, talked through everything, and helped me even after I purchased HPBX. I’m not sure what I would have done without them, and I don’t know what I’d be doing without Dzinga now.

Laima Tomkute, owner of The Best, a beauty salon

You were trying to reach, but here you are instead. Don't worry, everything's fine, it's just that we rebranded the company. As of April 21st, the new trademark is Dzinga, though everything else is exactly the same as always, including legal name Smarttel Plus Oü and bank details. Enjoy!

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