Reports: Promote awareness of your business

We can’t wait to introduce new instruments implemented by Dzinga - meet new telephony Pole Star: Reports.

Why we think it’s important?

Dzinga team has already developed quite a few products to empower our clients with possibilities. VPBX has recently broadened its functionality and turned into a fully-fledged communication flow platform. We have elaborated package plans to provide clients with all-in-one solutions. By introducing Reports we want to bring your experience with Dzinga software on a new level.

We decided it is important to sustain your business with intelligent help when it comes to follow up and analytics. Our services are designed to boost sales, streamline business communications and make your company more efficient. Reports are introduced to prove that we achieve our goal. Reports section shed light on facts. Facts give insight into critical spheres of business - learn how to finetune and adapt your practices to modern demands.

Benefit is evident, let’s move on to functions.

What reports we have and what do they do?

Call history section
Universal tool to monitor detailed statistics of calls

  • Discover who called, when and who answered
  • Check unified call history - data about calls made from different devices
  • Filter calls by status - single out calls from colleagues, Callback or customers
  • Keep relevant info at hand - cost of call, call duration and links to call recordings
  • Apply variety of filters to change the perspective of analysis
  • Virtual PBX collects all necessary statistics on calls in real time

Analytics section

Detailed reports that shed light on particular parameters and your use and efficiency

Number of calls report

  • Follow statistics of calls: number of missed, answered, outgoing missed - any possible configuration
  • Select period for display
  • Present report in a table or graphic

Teaser of upcoming reports

Dynamics of calls by groups and employees

Discover your strong points and highlight those segments of a call route which fail systematically

Employees rating

Find out who is skillful to teach others and who needs your support to perform better

Ads campaign efficiency

Establish where calls come from and have your campaign hit target

Missed calls analytics & Successful calls analytics

Learn the ratio of successful and missed calls


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