IVR and happy clients

Calling tech support or a big company’s call center means spending a lifetime waiting on hold. And even finally getting in touch with someone doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road: the person you need isn’t in the office, the system froze, your application was lost, and nobody has the answer you’re looking for. It’s hard to keep your cool, not to mention staying loyal to the company, when they’re robbing you of the best years of your life.

But there are good companies out there too — the ones that care about their clients and do everything they can to save those clients time. They might even hook up Dzinga’s HPBX and one particularly convenient feature it offers: IVR.

What is IVR?

IVR (interactive voice response) is a basic option that comes with Dzinga’s HPBX. It’s a voice menu with recorded instructions telling you which button you should press to hear the information you need or get in touch with a representative. Ultimately, it means that clients no longer must wait for a secretary, explain why they’re calling, and wait one more time while the right person is found, picks up the phone, and explains what to do. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s talk about what else it can do.

Taking care of clients

It’s always nice when you can call and get the answer you’re looking for without telling your story three times and waiting an eternity on hold. That’s why IVR represents a different, client-friendly tone: you obviously care about your clients, seeing as how you replace outdated technology with the latest and greatest. So, the bonus you get here is a boost to your reputation as well as more loyal clients.

Better than a secretary

IVR is a virtual secretary that never leaves their desk — HPBX is multi-channel, so you are always available. It doesn’t take lunch breaks, call in sick, or take vacations, and it never gets tired or starts slacking off. You don’t need to pay or train it, and its voice is always pleasant and welcoming.

So, can you fire your secretary now? Of course, not! This just means they have more time to take care of paperwork, handle scheduling, and order office supplies on time.

More calls, more sales

IVR doesn’t just help you answer more calls; it also distributes them. Each one goes exactly where it needs to go, and HPBX can find someone else or reroute calls to a cellphone if the right person isn’t at their desk. Calls are distributed evenly — all representatives are kept busy, and nobody waits too long. And the result is that you get more productive calls, more happy clients, and more sales.

Notifications about sales and discounts

You can use IVR to easily record information about ongoing sales your clients listen to while on hold. It’s cheaper than email or SMS marketing, less intrusive, and just as effective. During the high season, you can regularly update the message to ensure that you get the latest news to as many customers as possible.

Compiling statistics

IVR can calculate the number of daily incoming calls, breaking them down per department and representative. Statistics are stored in the cloud and accessible via any computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can even combine statistics with CRM to:

  • See who is called most often, expand your staff, hire assistants, or name substitutes.
  • Figure out when most calls come in, and therefore when you need the most people on hand.
  • Evaluate how well your staff is doing — how quickly they handle calls, whether they give all available information, and how respectful they are.

And that will give your marketing department something to do as well.

Maybe it’s time to give HPBX a try?

IVR is just one of the tools you get with Dzinga’s HPBX. Cloud-based
IP telephony makes your business more mobile, even if it covers multiple countries or continents. You spend less money on communications and equipment, all while your statistics are transparent and accessible from any device. And we are constantly working to give you ever better connection quality, release handy tools, and launch new services to make it easier for you to talk with your customers while saving money. When it comes to taking your business to the next level, you need HPBX — we’ll even go so far as to tell you exactly how much you’ll save.


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