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How can I help my sales team to benefit from phone calls?

First of all, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the phone calls and compare them to e-mails:

Phone calls Emails
Real-time communication It’s not a real-time conversation
Helps to understand your customer’s needs and readjust the message as the conversation goes There’s a clear history of the conversation - you can easily gather it in your CRM
The hardest to not respond to - you rarely don’t care about missed calls. Gathering of emails is automatic
There’s no clear history of the conversation - only the salesperson feeling You can get as many emails at once as your customers are willing to send
No easy way to export logs of phone calls You cannot change the message after sending it
You cannot take an active part in several phone calls at the same time. The easiest to not respond to - you always skip emails.

Interestingly, as you can see in the table, phone calls lack where e-mails thrive. Oppositely, they have what emails miss. That’s why replicating good practices from email sales funnel is essential to profit from phone calls.

How to make cold calls for sales which are actually successful, trackable and which won’t burn tons of resources and effort to be created?

Let me introduce you to the Dzinga and its integration with Hubspot.

Track all the calls - Don’t reinvent the wheel - just automate

We know and value how a good CRM can let us not remember all the email history and conversations. It helps to scale and grow the sales team without a situation where two reps are trying to reach the same person. That’s why Dzinga delivers the same experience for phone calls. Cold calls are no longer stored locally on a phone and don’t require to be manually logged into CRM. Instead, they are automagically imported to the Hubspot. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about calls directly from your phone while being on the go because Dzinga app takes care of that too.

Understand cold calling dynamics

When new sales rep joins your team you can train them by showing screenshots of the emails or the whole history in the CRM. But you cannot screenshot the phone call even if you want to. That’s why Dzinga provides probably the best way to record sales calls. Why? Because we value users’ privacy and we prepared our system to deliver secure way of storing and managing sales calls recordings.

Get organized with your calls flow

There’s nothing worse than loosing customers because of the long call queues. That’s why Dzinga offers an easy to setup allocate tool. It helps you to connect your customer with a proper member of your team. So your sales reps would waste significantly less time on switching people who need support.

How to find direct-dial phone numbers when prospecting?

Well, while we were working on automating the phone calling process at Dzinga we followed one simple rule - “Help sales rep to sale but keep prospect privacy in mind”. That’s why we created an ultimate solution that can be implemented on your website in less than 5 minutes - Dzinga Callback widget - it lets your customer to ask for a call anytime they read something on your website. So every time they want someone to elaborate more on the product - they are two clicks away!

Measure - Dzinga’s call statistics

We know that it is impossible to talk about the success of the campaign without relevant statistics. That’s why we implemented call statistics in Dzinga with two level of access - one for personal results and the other one for the whole team. This let’s you as an administrator see the bigger picture and readjust your cold calling strategy based on the results. You can see the most active employees, measure the efficiency of the advertising campaign and learn which call-back converts more leads. All of this data is waiting for you and your teammates in Dzinga as well as in Hubspot.

So if your team would miss any calls - call statistics by Dzinga are here to help you track them.

Integrations with Hubspot without a single line of code

So now when you know the secret to cold calling success there’s only one thing left - how to start?

  • Sign up to Dzinga account.
  • Go to Dzinga’s Apps & Integrations section, choose the Integrations tab and select HubSpot.
  • You will be prompted to sign in to your HubSpot account.
  • Once signed in, press “Grant access” and you’re all set!

Now you made the work of your sales team 10 times easier. Congratulations!


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