How to buy a toll-free

Wait, you still don’t have one? Here you’ll learn how to buy a toll-free and how much they cost. But first, let’s talk about what they are, why they’re worth having, and how free “free calls” really are. Then we can move on to how a toll-free help you sell. Ready or not, here we go!

What is a toll-free?

800 is an area code. It’s just like a city code (22 for Warsaw, for example), only it isn’t tied to a particular city. After the 800-code come seven or eight digits. You can call numbers like that from anywhere in your country using any fixed line or mobile operator.

The great part is that callers aren’t charged a thing. Though, sure, nothing is really free — so in this case call recipients pay for the calls. In other words, the company that bought the toll-free.

Wait — pay for incoming calls?

Hold your horses! So the company has to pay for the number and then pay again for incoming calls? The 90s called and they want their paid incoming calls back.

Not exactly. It can be very profitable for companies to cover the costs of incoming calls.

Without a toll-free

Users generally pay for outgoing calls now, and that was true even back in the 90s. Potential customers may have lots of questions about your goods and services, but they realize that calling you and having you answer all of them could take some time. And time is money they have to pay. The call may not actually be that expensive, but it’s hard to argue with psychology and ingrained habits. Those customers will probably not pay for the call because they’ll never make it.

With a toll-free

Life is completely different when you have a toll-free. Everyone knows that calls are free even if they spend three hours hashing out all the nitty-gritty details of your services. Now that they don’t have to worry about talking away half their salary, they can happily make that call and get the answers to the questions they have. And even if they don’t make the purchase, they’ll definitely be more loyal and will probably come back to you later.

In the end, you pay for the a toll-free you hook up and for the time you spend talking; in return, you get a more loyal client base that is one step further along your sales funnel.

What about prices?

Hold on, we forgot to mention one more advantage toll-free offer. Let’s go back to psychology and perception: toll-free is associated with big, stable companies. Why? Because when a toll-free first came out, that’s the only kind of company that could afford them — banks, insurance companies, and other huge corporations. The cost has dropped significantly since then to the point that they’re even accessible for small businesses, but the perception still remains.

Got it. So…how much do toll-free cost?

The exact cost depends on the country. The monthly fee you pay is made up of a fixed sum as well as the cost of the minutes you actually spend talking with your customers.

I’m convinced. How do I hook up a toll-free?

It’s easy! Just click here, select your country, pick the number you want to buy, add it to your cart, pay for it, and start fielding calls. Your number becomes active as soon as you pay for it. Just don’t forget to set up an IVR or install softphones on all your smartphones to make sure you’re always ready for customers calling from anywhere in your country.


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