How could cloud-based telephony help your business?

If you have a small company, you’re always fighting for your place in the sun. It’s a constant struggle with the big corporations for money, employees, and technology. You’re forced to scrimp, make the least risky investments, and quickly latch onto any changes in the market.

Cloud-based technology is great for people in your situation — even if you have all of three people in your company. Here’s how:

They cut down on expenses

You don’t have to buy licenses or pay for expensive equipment and a yearly contract when you set up Dzinga HPBX. All you need is a softphone — an app that takes just five minutes to install and another 30 to set up. You can also:

  • Forget about paying to connect and run cables
  • Save up to 70% on intercity and up to 80% on international calling
  • Significantly save on equipment costs
  • Call for free within your network, or to all the numbers hooked up to your HPBX
  • Stop worrying about paying to hook up new lines and extensions

They save you resources

All you do is install the software and let your provider handle the infrastructure, system updates, and support. You don’t put anything else on the shoulders of your

IT resources. Servicing your PBX, changing numbers, hooking up new lines, and problem-solving are all taken care of cheaply or for free.

They work everywhere and for everyone

Small companies expand over time, hiring new employees, moving to new offices, and opening new locations in different cities. No matter where you’re located or where you move, you’ll always have your HPBX right there with you — including for all your remote employees. You can add workstations and extensions or hook up new offices in just 15 minutes, and you’ll never lose the number you use for incoming calls.

You can even decide not to have an office and just take calls or hold online conferences from wherever you are in the world.

They’re easy to scale

Cloud solutions mold effortlessly to your needs, as you can replace, add, or remove options and services. That’s especially convenient for seasonal businesses that see reduced demand during certain times of year. Regular PBX forces you to pay for all those changes

They integrate quickly

Cloud services complement the solutions you already use. For example, HPBX imports your contact list and integrates with your call center, which can be located anywhere you like.

They help you make decisions

HPBX records and stores your calls and statistics in a cloud archive you can access from any internet-enabled device. That gives you a view of the whole picture: how many calls are made when, the times that see the heaviest call volumes, who calls most often, and how your representatives talk with clients. You can analyze that data and leverage reporting to better motivate your staff, hire new personnel, redistribute work, and streamline your advertising.

They keep your information safe

The leading cloud-based service providers, including Dzinga, boast modern data centers with backup copies of everything, detailed encryption, and servers that don’t suffer from downtime or get overloaded. You no longer have to save data on your servers and constantly make copies.

Cloud solutions help small and medium-sized companies save resources and, in so doing, level the playing field with the giants in their field. Focus on your core business rather than on making sure you have the technology you need to support it.


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