Make your business more mobile with VoIP

VoIP (or IP telephony) offers companies a way to work more efficiently in a highly competitive environment by streamlining expenses, boosting revenue, and building lines of communication. Not only that, it also makes them more mobile and adaptable in the face of change when compared to ordinary telephony.

While most people generally focus on the fact that IP telephony cuts expenses, that is only one of the benefits it offers.

What else can IP telephony give your business?

VoIP equips your employees to handle many more calls, even when they’re outside the office. All functionality is available online via a convenient interface that records everything you need to know about those calls.

The limitations of ordinary PBX — if you need to make a change

Headache number one when working with ordinary PBX is the fact that you have to load and set up your system every time you reinstall it. Not only is that a waste of time and money; you have to hire someone else every time to handle the software installation and train your staff.

All those changes and reinstallations mean hours or even days your entire department and team can’t get work done. And clients can’t call in with their problems.

Everything is easier with IP telephony

VoIP is a different story: IP technology lets you transfer, add, and replace lines with the click of a button — and all without bringing in any specialists. If you pay for VoIP and then decide to add new lines and numbers, you don’t have to worry about ordinary PBX’s yearly contracts.

But money isn’t everything. Changes made to IP telephony go into effect immediately. You can assign and replace the number assigned to different people whenever you want, and all new employees can have their own special line or number from day one. And it’s just as easy move lines when employees quit or the company moves to a different office.

Your business becomes flexible and mobile

Imagine how much time and money you’ll save simply because you don’t have to wait to add and reassign numbers in your PBX. After all, it’s hard to say how many lines and numbers you’ll need. And, of course, some business are seasonal, experiencing ups and downs during which they add or subtract people and resources. Additional lines and numbers come with extra fees when you have ordinary PBX, even if they aren’t used the majority of the year, or force you to make a number of employees share a line. On the other hand, IP telephony lets you use the exact number of lines you need without impacting your budget.

Clients today don’t want to wait for you to add new lines or install new phones. They want their problems solved now. VoIP lets you make sure you always have someone ready to answer their calls.


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