Join our partner program and earn along with us!

Dzinga is a modern and strong company with a bright future built on cloud technology. Its telecom services and software put it in the middle of the growing demand for IP telephony, which means you have the opportunity to make good money with us.
We did everything we could to make partnering with us as easy and beneficial as possible.

As a Dzinga partner, you enjoy:

Access to the highest commission available

A professional team that will help you sell

The opportunity to jump ahead of your competitors


We offer you a great deal

You bring us clients, and we share 20% of the profit with you! You can have the money added to your Dzinga account (if you’re our client yourself) or bank account.

The more clients you attract, the faster your account will grow.

Why stop now?

There are two ways to become a Dzinga partner

Partner program

Are you already a Dzinga client? Or do you just happen to know a lot about our services? It’s time to monetize that knowledge!

You can recommend Dzinga services to business owners or partners in your circles, and we’ll send you regular payments for every one that decides to sign up. Just submit the contact information of anyone who’s interested using the connection request form.

That’s it! We answer all questions, handle new client registration, and everything else, so you can relax.

We’re always thankful when you send us new clients, but a “thank you” isn’t all you’ll get — you also rake in 20% of each payment they make.

Referral program

The referral program is another way to make money by bringing in new partners. All you have to do is sign up and put a link or banner on your site.

You’ll get 20% of the money generated via your referrals (partners who clicked on your link and registered).

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